Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate transactions can take many forms, from a simple cash purchase of vacant land to the complex, highly leveraged purchase of a hotel, apartment building or other real estate development.  The attorneys at the Dunn Law Firm, LLP have extensive experience in commercial real estate transactions and have represented clients in numerous commercial real estate transactions throughout Central Illinois.  We analyze each facet of a commercial real estate transaction to determine how best to accomplish our client’s goals while minimizing our client’s risk.

We have significant experience in drafting, reviewing and negotiating purchase agreements, commercial leases, and construction contracts.  We work closely with our clients, as well as their advisers, brokers and lenders, to ensure that the transaction flows smoothly, from beginning to end.  We understand our clients’ desire to be kept informed throughout the entire transaction.

If you need a commercial real estate attorney, contact the Dunn Law Firm, LLP by calling us at (309) 828-6241 to discuss your transaction today.

Commercial Real Estate Attorneys at the Dunn Law Firm, LLP

Todd E. Bugg

Thomas E. Herr

Carrie L. Haas