Mechanics Lien Law

Mechanics Liens are the most important and effective tools a contractor can use to ensure that he or she will be paid for work or materials they have provided to a construction project.  Unfortunately, the Illinois Mechanics Lien Act is one of the most complex laws in Illinois. It is critical that contractors, subcontractors and landowners obtain expert legal counsel in order to preserve their rights under the Illinois Mechanics Lien Act.

An improperly filed mechanics lien can result in a contractor or subcontractor losing the security the Mechanics Lien Act provides.  A properly filed lien provides contractors and subcontractors with security that they will be paid for the work they have done on a project even though the landowner might have already paid for the work to be done.

The attorneys at the Dunn Law Firm, LLP have extensive experience in the preparation and filing of Illinois mechanics liens.  We provide quick and cost-effective legal representation to contractors, subcontractors and landowners that need to preserve their rights under the Illinois Mechanics Lien Act.

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Mechanics Lien Attorneys at the Dunn Law Firm, LLP

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